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Moving forward on social media

Announcing a few steps that we’re taking to improve our value proposition into the business end of the year!

Doublejump’s WordPress-based home has been live for almost two months now, and with everything finally running exactly the way we want it to run, it’s time for us to make a concerted effort to build our brand and our community through the end of the year. With that in mind, we have a couple of small announcements to make regarding our social media and community presence:

Graphical overhaul:

Tomorrow, we will be adding new-look avatars and banners on the site’s major social media accounts. The avatar is largely unchanged aside from the fact that it matches the website’s content background; the major changes can be found in the banner, which now matches the website’s background graphic and includes directions to all of our other social media. There were a number of iterations in the design process, but we feel that this banner best represents the site’s evolution from a simple Medium publication to a WordPress-based powerhouse, and we hope that you like it too!


New content: News Cards!

Social media is always growing and changing, but two things have always remained true: it’s easier to grab people’s attention with an image than it is with text, and it’s better to share information quickly. To ensure that we can keep you abreast of the major developments within the games industry, we have designed a convenient News Card that will appear across all of our social media to deliver news in quick bursts. Check it out:

The News Cards are entering circulation this week, and we’re always open to your feedback on them!

Our Medium publication:

We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve fallen off the wagon in terms of posting our content on Medium since the move to WordPress; we can only apologise to our friends on Medium for this. We will now be posting the first three paragraphs of all of our content on the publication, with links coming into the WordPress-based website where you can read more.

Again, we’re completely open to feedback on this move – we’re always looking to make life more convenient for our readers!

With these improvements in place, we’re hoping to make a major push toward the business end of 2018. We’ve got a lot of awesome content in the pipeline and we’re always working on more, so there’s never been a better time to support us across social media, tell your friends, and consider picking up some merchandise or supporting us on Patreon!

With love,

Jake Colosimo and Abir Chowdhury
Doublejump Management