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Hi-Fi Rush key art showing Chai and 808 from the game
This week on Doublejump Radio, John & Abir talk about Xbox & Bethesda's Developer_Direct (Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport, Hi-Fi Rush, The Elder Scrolls Online, & Redfall); layoffs at Fandom, Vox Media, Unity Technologies, & Riot Games; The Day Before's shady vibes, Psychonauts 2 & Titanfall 2's excellence, and more!
Bayonetta 3
Its less-than-focused design can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed, but Bayonetta 3's high points are undeniably very, very high.
Splatoon 3
A largely iterative sequel, Splatoon 3 isn't as fresh and exciting as it could be, but it's the best the series has ever been.