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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel

Doublejump’s E3 2019 Digest: Day Three

Yesterday at E3 2019: Nintendo brought its A-Games while AMD debuted some new hardware.

News from Nintendo’s E3 Direct:

After a relatively quiet showing last year, Nintendo premiered a jam-packed E3 2019 Direct that introduced us to a new Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Luigi’s Mansion.

Nintendo’s working on a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

Aside from that, all we know about it is that it’s absolutely beautiful, but here’s hoping that Nintendo EPD keeps the sense of scale and wonder that made the original game so endearing.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a beautiful remake of the Game Boy classic:

Seriously, this game looks like a living gorgeously-crafted diaroma, and it’s only a couple of months away. Check it out on September 20!

Luigi’s ghost-hunting continues in Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Switch:

Set to release later this year, Luigi’s latest adventure takes him on a “luxurious hotel getaway,” complete with a brand new Poltergust with a slate of new functions.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings the series to Switch… next year:

We’ve finally seen some gameplay, and it’s looking like an absolutely beautiful piece of work with a gorgeous new setting and interesting storyline; there’s also a faint indication that we might have more interactive elements than just being able to visit each other’s towns.

Unfortunately, all of that good news comes with some bad: we won’t be seeing the final release until March 20, 2020.

MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order could be the best Marvel game at E3:

Given Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day’s disappointing unveiling the day before, The Black Order looks like a more complete video game adventure starring Marvel’s most popular characters.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition looks like a miracle port effort:

CD Projekt RED confirmed that it is bringing its award-winning open-world RPG to Nintendo’s handheld system, but it’ll be interesting to see how well the game runs on Switch.

Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer is dancing our way this week:

The Legend of Zelda joins forces with Crypt of the NecroDancer to bring us the fun, rhythm-based Legend of Zelda title nobody knew they were desperate for, and it’s out tomorrow!

TRIALS of MANA is a gorgeous remake of the original:

Square Enix has been busy cultivating a new version of the beloved JRPG that will follow up the original’s first-ever official Western release as part of Collection of Mana (which is available now!).

DAEMON X MACHINA is slated for this September:

First revealed this time last year and after a demo this past February, the mech-based third-person shooter is now slated for September 13, and it looks bloody good.

We can take on ASTRAL CHAIN’s “extradimensional” enemy in August:

ASTRAL CHAIN’s all-star team of developers features Bayonetta and NieR: Automata alumni as well as manga artist Masakazu Katsura, and it sees you playing as two characters at once while repelling the Chimeras that are attacking The Ark. It’s set to hit the Nintendo Switch on August 30.

News from AMD’s Next Horizon event:

AMD took to E3 2019 with a renewed enthusiasm for games based on its new Navi graphics and Ryzen 3000 processor hardware plus a neat bundle offer.

The Radeon 5700 series is AMD’s RTX 2000 competitor:

AMD headlined its event with a trio of new graphics cards in the 5700 XT and 5700 that are aimed squarely at taking down NVIDIA’s RTX 2070 and 2060 offerings. These new cards are based on AMD’s new 7nm manufacturing process and will be the world’s first to support the brand new PCIE Express 4.0 interface. However, neither of these new cards will support real-time ray tracing, so don’t expect to see more developers including hyper-realistic lighting systems in their games anytime soon.

These cards also represent the first of AMD’s new Navi line of graphics hardware, which will power the next PlayStation and Xbox, that are designed to provide better 4K video de- and encoding, FreeSync HDR support, and more bandwidth for virtual reality headsets.

The 5700 XT will debut with 8GB of GDDR6 RAM, a 1605 MHZ base clock for its 40 Compute Units that can max out at 1905 MHz with a 1755 MHz average in games. The 5700 will also have 8GB of GDDR6 RAM, but will run at a 1465 MHZ base clock for its 36 Compute Units with a maximum speed of 1725 MHz and 1625 MHz average in games. AMD announced pricing of US$449 (AU$650) and US$379 (AU$550) for the 5700 XT and 5700 respectively that also includes three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC if owners purchase either card (and “selected” Ryzen processors) following its July 7 launch. The company has not announced Australian pricing as of this writing.

AMD also debuted its new FidelityFX feature that should improve detail in out of focus areas as well as AMD Radeon Image Sharpening, which looks like a competitor to NVIDIA’s FXAA anti-aliasing system to reduce jagged edges with “virtually no performance hit. Similarly, Radeon Anti-Lag is a new feature that should reduce the amount of display lag between what’s generated by the graphics card and then shown on-screen.

AMD’s Ryzen 3950X is going to be a fucking beast:

While the 5700 series sits within the mid-range for graphics cards, AMD has squarely targeted Intel’s high-end with its new 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen 9 3950X that takes Team Red’s maximum boost clock to 4.7GHz at a reasonable 105W of power consumption.

In other E3 2019 news:


  • Banjo-Kazoo-ie and Dragon Quest’s Hero character are headed to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The Hero will actually be multiple characters in one, taking the form of one of at least four of the series’ heroes, which is extremely cool.
  • No More Heroes 3 is coming next year: Goichi “Suda51” Suda is back with Travis Touchdown’s latest adventure, and it looks… awesome?
  • Capcom is porting Resident Evils 5 and 6 to Switch: Did Bethesda learn from Capcom, or did Capcom learn from Bethesda?
  • DOOM’s co-creator is working on a new strategy title: It’s called Empire of Sin, and it’s inspired by the exploits of the Italian mob in Prohibition-era Chicago.
  • Some new third party games are coming to Switch: Expect to play New Super Lucky’s Tale, Dauntless, The Sinking City, and more in the coming months.

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