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Welcome to the New Doublejump!

Welcome, one and all, to the new Doublejump! We’ve put this website together in the hope of making it a more fitting home for our family of Contributors and its growing content output, but more importantly, it’s a huge step towards legitimacy and recognition as a publication!

As part of this new design, we’ve taken great care to ensure that your reading experience is even better than it was before thanks to a cleaner and more robust layout, and we’ve also categorised our articles to more clearly outline the content that we’re going to produce!

Here’s a handy guide to our content offerings – both current and planned – as of right now:


  • Doublejump Reviews…: Reviews of games and/or DLC.
  • Sneak Peek: Previews of upcoming games.


  • Multiplayer: Our signature article series, in which our entire staff comes together to discuss a given topic.
  • Spotlight: A quick article highlighting a particular trailer, announcement, or setup.
  • Soapbox: One-off opinion pieces written on current or past events.
  • Rewind: Looking back at an older game or event.
  • Fun File: Less “serious” pieces.
  • Co-Op: Collaborative discussion pieces between multiple staff members.
  • Rapid Fire: Our take on the popular “listicle” format.
  • Editorial: Individual opinion pieces from Management.


  • Doublejump Digest: Our weekly news recap series.


  • Sitting Down with…: Long-form interviews with developers, publishers, and gaming personalities.
  • Five Questions: A short-form interview series that will feature developers, publishers, gamers and gaming personalities.

We thank you all, our readers, for supporting us throughout the years – this redesign was borne out of your faith in our work, and we could not be more proud of how it has turned out. We have plenty more content in store, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and join our community on Discord to stay in the loop!


The Doublejump Team