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E3 2018

Doublejump’s E3 2018 Hub

All of our E3 2018 coverage wrapped up in a neat little package!

The Gaming Christmas™ is finally here! The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) sees the video game industry descend upon Los Angeles, California to make headlines by announcing games, sharing updates and letting the community know exactly what it can expect over the next year or so. It’s a truly exciting time to be a gamer, and Doublejump’s coverage of the event is set to run well past the event itself — let’s dive right in!

The schedule:

Much like last year, we have a beautiful timezone-converted schedule of all the major press conferences that we’ll be seeing — and covering — over the course of the event, courtesy of Twitter user and Reddit moderator @_Falconbox.

The E3 2018 Schedule

The E3 2018 Doublejump Digests:

Just like last year, Doublejump plans to produce Digests covering all of the events listed above — including Devolver Digital and the PC Gaming Show. This year, instead of releasing a Digest for each event individually, we will be releasing one Digest covering each of the four days of conferences:

  • Day One: EA Play
  • Day Two: Xbox E3 Briefing, Bethesda E3 2018 Showcase, Devolver Digital E3 Press Conference
  • Day Three: Square Enix E3 Showcase, Ubisoft E3 Conference, the PC Gaming Show, E3 2018 PlayStation Media Showcase
  • Day Four: E3 2018 Nintendo Direct

Again, due to our position on the planet and our staff’s other commitments, these Digests will not be produced live. We will post them and update this document as soon as we possibly can after the events themselves. Please bear with us; we intend to make up for the delay by ensuring that our coverage is the best that it can be!

Our other E3 coverage:

As noted above, E3 is the gamer’s Christmas; our recently-expanded staff is full of people who are bursting with excitement for the event, and so we’re bound to be producing content based around this week for the coming days, weeks and months; this is where you’ll be able to find all of those!

We will update this page as we release more content, so we encourage you to bookmark it and check back whenever you’re looking for something to read! If there’s any news from the event that you want to discuss, follow the links below to our social media and/or our Discord server; we’d love to hear from you!