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Welcome to Doublejump v2.5!

If you’re reading this announcement, it means that “Doublejump v2.5” is now live and online!

This visual refresh of the site has come after Editor-in-Chief Jake Colosimo decided that he wanted to take a step back to the site’s roots by pushing the reading experience ahead of anything else. As such, you will find that:

  • Our homepage is now a little bit fancier and a little bit cleaner, with a sidebar that is no longer just a bundle of widgets;
  • Clicking through to a post will now show you the post, and nothing else — removing the sidebar ensures that you can focus on reading the article you’ve clicked without being bombarded by colours and images;
  • We have made some changes and improvements to our Join the Team page; and
  • The site as a whole is just a little bit more responsive to the browser you’re using.

It doesn’t sound like too much, and there are some bugs that we still need to squash, but that’s why it’s called v2.5 instead of v3: we wanted to focus on fixing the experience we had for the time being, rather than totally overhauling it. We have a whole lot of other changes planned for the site that we will implement over time, but for now we push towards 2020: a new decade, a new gaming generation, and a vastly improved Doublejump.

If you would like to join the Doublejump Staff and help us move towards a bigger and better Doublejump, click here and apply today.

Thank you as always for all of your support!

Doublejump Management