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E3 2019

Doublejump’s E3 2019 Hub

All of Doublejump’s E3 2019 coverage in one neat little package!

Another year, another Gaming Christmas™. Among a flurry of leaks and external announcements, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has descended upon Los Angeles for another week of announcements and updates! We’re planning to produce the best coverage we possibly can for you to enjoy, and we plan for it to run well past the event itself. For now, though, let’s get into it!

The schedule:

With thanks to Twitter user @Cheesemeister3K, here is the global E3 2019 schedule for your convenience!

E3 2019

The E3 2019 Doublejump Digests:

Last year’s coverage plan worked so well for us – taking into account our position on the planet and our educational and vocational commitments – that we’re planning to replicate it this year. We will be releasing four Doublejump Digests covering each day of conferences, but these will release the next night in order to give us time to produce the best coverage we possibly can. We will keep this document updated with links to the Digests we release, but for now, here’s a list of what we’re planning to cover on each day:

  • Day Zero: EA Play and everything that happened before E3 began
  • Day One: Xbox, Bethesda, Devolver Digital
  • Day Two: The PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, Square Enix
  • Day Three: Nintendo

Our other E3 coverage:

We will also continue to update this document in the days and weeks that follow E3 itself, with links to E3-related content that our wonderful team has put together.

This page will be updated as more E3-related content comes out, so we encourage you to bookmark it and check back whenever you’re looking for something to read! Feel free to join the conversation by joining us on social media, Discord, or in the comments sections here on the site, and most importantly… Enjoy E3!

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