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About Doublejump

What is Doublejump?

The revived and re-imagined Doublejump is an independent Australian publication that provides top-quality coverage of the video game industry through exploratory feature articles and editorials, industry interviews, convenient news Digests and thoughtful, insightful reviews. Our volunteer staff is an eclectic mix of enthusiasts who play everything from multiplayer shooters to JRPGs and mobile MOBAs, and have all come together to celebrate the love of the wonderful video game industry.

What can I expect from Doublejump?

At this stage of our existence, we are releasing editorials, features, reviews and interviews with prominent figures in the Australian and international games industry just as often as we can. We’re also excited to offer two regular series:

  • Multiplayer – first Tuesday of every month: a feature in which all of our Contributors respond to a prompt, presently selected by Management.
  • Doublejump Digest – every Sunday night: a recap of the major news in the games industry throughout the week, as well as what’s gone live on Doublejump.

We also started livestreaming on Twitch.tv at the beginning of March 2019, and we’re currently streaming three times a week:

  • Tuesday, 10pm – 12:30am AET: Tuesday Night Twitch, hosted by Abir;
  • Thursday, 6pm – 9pm AET: Simon’s Siege Squad Spectacular, hosted by Simon; and
  • Saturday, 8:30pm – 11pm AET: Cai’s Indie Showcase, hosted by Cai.

We have so much more planned for Doublejump’s future, including more and more streams and regular content releases, so your support in the early going will only help us along.

Where can I find Doublejump on social media?

All of our social media links can be found on this handy little page. 

How can I support Doublejump?

At this stage, the easiest way for you to support the site is by striking up a conversation on our social media and bringing some friends with you as well. However, if you’re interested in doing a little more to help us grow the site, you can:

Meet the Team:

Doublejump’s success up to this point would not be possible without the incredibly diligent work of its wonderful team:

The Editors

Editor-in-Chief: Jake Colosimo

Jake Colosimo

One of Doublejump’s three founding fathers, Jake has held the Editor-in-Chief position every single day that the site has existed and had a hand in the production and publication of thousands of editorials, features, news articles and reviews, as well as major event coverage. His goal for Doublejump is – and has always been – to work to break the stigma that inexplicably surrounds video gaming and to shed light on its more practical applications.

Behind the sticks, Jake is an avid FIFA Ultimate Team player and a former competitive Call of Duty player who just can’t get into the battle royale genre. He also runs the South-East Asia region’s longest-running network of active Vainglory guilds, but when he’s not satisfying his competitive urge he’s always looking for a new experience, whether it’s a party game or a deep story. He credits BioShock Infinite with changing the way he looks at video games as a whole, and his new philosophy has translated into Doublejump’s view of games as an experience rather than a product.

Favourite System: PlayStation 2
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy X

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Managing Editor: Abir Chowdhury

Abir Chowdhury

Video games saved Abir’s life, and he wears his love for them (quite literally) on his sleeve. He is one of Doublejump’s three founding fathers, and has written thousands of news articles, reviews, and interviews in addition to covering major events over the years. As Managing Editor, Abir is focused on building Doublejump into a stalwart of Australian video game coverage by forging relationships with developers and publishers as well as by planning the brilliant content that graces your screen every week. He also takes the lead on delivering each Doublejump Digest to keep you in the loop.

Abir enjoys relaxing after a hard day’s work with a tense session of his favourite multiplayer shooter, but he is also an avid tech enthusiast, car lover, film and TV fan, budding home cook, amateur photographer, and karaoke killer. He wants to give back to the video game community by telling interesting stories, by informing fans of the latest industry news, and by encouraging the next generation of gamers to celebrate their passion for the medium.

Favourite System: PC
Favourite Game: Mass Effect

Follow Abir: Medium | Twitter | Web | Flickr | LinkedIn

The Contributors

Senior Staff Contributor: Cav Gallagher

Cav Gallagher

Cav Gallagher

Cav is a playwright and freelance writer who has been published in Grok, Whingeing Pom and Metro magazines, and was Games Editor at CHUD.com. He’s also co-host of the There Will Be Geek podcast, where he specializes in film and off-colour jokes.

Cav has been a committed gamer since his parents bought him an Atari 2600 in 1980, which makes him the Danny Glover of Doublejump.

Favourite System: Xbox 360
Favourite Game: Red Dead Redemption

Follow Cav: Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook

Senior Staff Contributor: Cai Holroyd

Cai Holroyd

Cai is a journalism student, pop culture enthusiast and semi-rogue outlaw. He has a passion for classic science-fiction, 3D platformers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is in a co-dependent relationship with sleep deprivation, although neither of them want to admit it.

He got into gaming playing Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64 and hasn’t stopped since. When he’s not writing for Doublejump, Cai is also heavily involved in community radio and the Scouting movement. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, entertaining others and looking after his mug collection.

Favourite System: Nintendo 64
Favourite Game: Don’t Starve

Follow Cai: Medium

Senior Staff Contributor: John Reeves

John is a Perth-based writer who loves coffee, portable gaming and sitcoms (in exactly that order). He writes to deconstruct gaming as an art form and highlight what makes the medium so fascinating and worthwhile while exploring the way that games approach interactivity and artistry in the same product. It’s hard, extremely pretentious work, but he’s getting pretty good at it. As a gamer he’s pretty loose – he’ll play just about anything.

Besides gaming, John watches a lot of television (particularly sitcoms), reads a lot of comics, listens to a lot of alternative-y music – usually at the same time as he plays something portable (a form of multi-tasking called “forgetting the outside world even exists”). John likes to write comics too, but you can’t find any of that yet (watch this space!).

Favourite system: PlayStation Vita
Favourite game: Hotline Miami

Follow John: Medium | Twitter | Blog | Tumblr

Senior Staff Contributor: Kristian Bouboukis

Kristian is a journalism student who recently joined the Doublejump team to establish a portfolio writing about video games. He has had a passion for gaming since he was three years old and an interest in the media since he was eight. Naturally, this led to him pursuing a career in the video game journalism industry. He mostly enjoys sharing the personal stories of those working behind the scenes, including the reasons why people connect with games so intimately. He has a fondness for supporting the local independent scene, having established a blog on the subject.

Kristian’s gaming career began with games such as Gran Turismo and Donkey Kong Country. He believes that racing games are underappreciated and prefers single-player, narrative-driven games like Mass Effect and Life is Strange over online multiplayer titles. Music is another love and, while he can’t play any real instruments, he can certainly play a plastic one, regularly featuring up high on the Rock Band 4 guitar leaderboards.

Favourite System: Xbox 360
Favourite Game: Gran Turismo 2

Follow Kristian: Medium | Twitter

Staff Contributor: Damon O’Loughlin

Damon O'Loughlin

Damon is a complex nerd who loves to talk and write about all of his favourite things in life. Although his passions are too many to list, he does love his cars, drumming, films and games. Oh, and pizza. One can never forget pizza. Damon prides himself on being able to find a Simpsons quote for absolutely anything and, having completed the National Dex and become a successful shiny hunter, probably being the biggest Pokémon buff you’ll ever meet.

Damon has always been an avid and enthusiastic gamer and always enjoyed writing, so embarking on the journey to become a games journalist was a no-brainer for him; it shaped his pathway through university — where he studied and majored in Journalism — and led him to Doublejump to chase his dream one article at a time.

Favourite System: Nintendo Switch
Favourite Game: Pokémon Heart Gold

Follow Damon: Medium

Staff Contributor: Luke Parker

A lifelong fan of video games and art, Luke seeks to unite his passion for gaming with his obsession with meaning. For someone who wears many hats (musician, composer, educator, academic, bartender), gaming was always his escape. A journey that started with Duck Hunt, GoldenEye 007, Crash Bandicoot and Command & Conquer: Red Alert, has lasted a lifetime.

When not drinking coffee or pursuing one of his many passions (See: Being too bloody busy), Luke can often be found watching football (both Australian and American), in his home recording studio, or playing whatever tickles his fancy, although he tends to be attracted to any game with a deep story, space exploration, cyberpunk themes (“Blade Runner got a hold of me too early”, he quips) or anything scored by Mick Gordon.

Favourite system: Xbox 360/PlayStation
Favourite game: Mass Effect 2/KOTOR/Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Follow Luke: Twitter

Staff Contributor: Matthew Arcari

Matthew is an aspiring entertainment journalist, who loves all things games, TV and film. He aims to write about games as a way of discovering and informing the public of the power and importance that games hold in our society as a valid way of depicting beautiful imagery and telling powerful stories.

Favourite system: PlayStation 2
Favourite game:
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Follow Matthew: Twitter | Instagram

Staff Contributor: Nick Harrison

Nick Harrison

Nick is a massive dork who loves a good story that’s matched with an amazing score/soundtrack. He also likes to write about the history of video games and help uncover development secrets. He is first and foremost a musician but also loves games, film, trivia, anime, vinyl, and building guitars. Nick is a Simpsons fanatic with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the show that’s ready for any situation. He is also a big fan of Daria.

Nick has been a keen gamer since he was 5-years-old and has enjoyed writing since he was in primary school. His schtick is predominantly humour that involves jumping on a pun or a joke at any cost. Nick aims to make you laugh, while also telling you something that you may not have previously known.

Favourite system: Nintendo 64
Favourite game: Fallout: New Vegas

Follow Nick:

Staff Contributor: Simon Sleiman

Simon is one of Doublejump’s newest writers, as well as the first person to stream from the site’s Twitch channel – and the reason we’re moving along so well on that front! He’s had a passion for video games since he was young, but outside of gaming he’s also an accomplished independent filmmaker who won an official selection at the Setting Sun Film Festival at the age of 17 with his first short film, An Ode to No One. Simon also has a Bachelor of Film and Television Production, which you’ll see him put to work for Doublejump in the future!

Favourite system: PlayStation 2
Favourite game:
The Warriors

Staff Contributor: Ty Shortis

Ty Shortis

Ty’s a wannabe writer who plays too many video games. Starting with his family’s Windows 95 PC, he bred on PC gaming, though, he recently bought a Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 to delve into Shin Megami Tensei and Persona.

He’s also one of the three people who doesn’t like The Last of Us, so make of that what you will. Ty currently spends his time, when not writing or playing games, by making pizzas, which, if you ask him, is “nowhere near as awesome as eating it”.

Favourite system: PC
Favourite Game: Knights of the Old Republic 1/2 (depending on the day)

Follow Ty: Twitter

Staff Contributor: Zack Goutzoulas

Zack is an arts student who pursued games journalism as a way of combining his dream job with his favourite hobby. He loves all things fantasy, from classic swords and sorcery to more modern urban fantasy. Zack’s hobbies outside of video games include reading, watching movies, and hunting for free food at university.

Zack’s love for journalism came from a lifetime of being exposed to stories and wanting to share those stories with the world. This led him to community radio, where he was able to explore his passion for spoken communication. Eventually, he ended up here on Doublejump, where he aims to provide both useful knowledge and a good laugh.

Favourite system:
PlayStation 4
Favourite game:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Follow Zack: Twitter

Special Thanks

Doublejump would not be possible without the wonderful people listed above, but a special mention must be made of our wonderful Patreon supporters whose generosity and confidence in our project is helping us keep the dream of Australian games journalism well and truly alive!

  • Natalie Divola
  • Reetam Nandi

We would also like to thank the following fantastic journalists who have contributed to Doublejump since its return in November 2016, be it as a staff member or on a guest basis:

  • Alex Anyfantis — Former Staff Contributor
  • Alex O’Neill — Former General Manager
  • Luke Larobina — Founder, Guest Contributor
  • Natalie Divola – Community Lead
  • Jesse Munro — Guest Contributor
  • Rhys Antonio — Former Staff Contributor
  • Ayden A Carter — Former Staff Contributor
  • Emily McKail — Former Staff Contributor

Get in touch!

If you’re a developer, publisher or PR firm that wants a game covered here on Doublejump, please get in touch with us at press[at]doublejump[dot]co!

If you’re a writer who wants to join our team or write a guest feature for us… keep your eyes peeled.