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Titanfall review: stand by for multiplayer magic (, , )
March 30, 2014 -

This game was reviewed on Xbox One. After more than a decade of shooter development mastery, Respawn Entertainment has pitched… Read More »

South Park: The Stick of Truth Review: The best South Park game to date still has its issues (, , )
March 16, 2014 -

Reviewer’s note: This is a review of the North American version. Other versions have a few key differences, mainly being… Read More »

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Next-gen Battlefield 4 Review: The multiplayer shooter to beat (, , )
December 4, 2013 -

Battlefield 4 is a stellar multiplayer package that features genuinely beneficial changes from its predecessor. While its single player campaign leaves a lot to be desired, the excellent quality of its multiplayer more than makes up for it. New players need not worry, as DICE has fixed most of the bugs that have plagued the game since launch. In short, Battlefield 4 is this year’s best shooter.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Review (, , )
September 27, 2013 -

Sliding in and out of the shadows, silently scaling precarious environments, waiting in the depths of darkness for the opportune… Read More »

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review (, , )
September 8, 2013 -

We’ve all played extravagant tales of heroism, sacrifice and resolve set in dark and dangerous worlds – they’re nothing new… Read More »