Fox files trademark for Alien: Isolation


Twentieth Century Fox has filed a trademark for Alien: Isolation that will cover “Computer game and video game software; interactive video game programs; video game discs”.

The trademark appears to be linked to an Alien game currently in development by Creative Assembly (Total War) who is currently hiring for a “AAA Alien licensed console project.”

Kotaku has reported that Alien: Isolation is a first person stealth/horror game in which players take control of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, and will feature clones, soldiers, melee weapons and a solitary Xenomorph enemy for “most” of the game.

If the reports are to be believed, this will mark a departure for Creative Assembly, which has primarily developed strategy titles.

The fact that the trademark is for Alien and not Aliens bares weight to the idea of the game revolving around a single Xenomorph, like the original film.  The game is said to be heavily inspired by Dishonored and BioShock.

Fox, Creative Assembly and SEGA (the publisher of Alien: Colonial Marines) are yet to comment further. Let’s just hope Alien: Isolation is far better than the dismal Alien: Colonial Marines released earlier this year.

Image: Gearbox Software

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