Fable Legends will grow episodically


Lionhead Studios is hard at work at the moment building the next chapter in its iconic series, Fable Legends. Originally announced at Gamescom 2013, the title isn’t a mainline entry in the series, instead focussing on four player cooperative play as well as fifth player dungeon mastery-type combat via SmartGlass.

While it has been previously stated that Fable Legends will continue to evolve over the next five to ten years, we now have some more clarity on how this game will continue to service fans. Speaking with IGN (via CVG), Game Director David Eckelberry has stated that gamers should view Fable Legends as season one of a narrative series that will continue to grow episodically via DLC.

“The storyline is absolutely there and very important,” Eckelberry explains. “Of course there’s a higher purpose with a broad storyline that combines the various quests. But we tell new stories all the time. That’s the beauty of episodic content.”

“We don’t want Fable Legends to stop when you finish the game. You should think about seasons and episodes. Fable Legends might just be Season One and we can add new quests and stories in the future, in the form of DLC for example.”

No further details were provided, but this philosophy does align with Microsoft European exec Phil Harrison’s belief of gaming and entertainment becoming less of a one off purchase and more of an experience delivered as a service.

A release date has not been set for Fable Legends but it is expected to arrive in 2014.

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