Dragon Age: Inquisition first screenshot revealed


The first in-engine screenshot of Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn’t tell much of a story, and seems to have been a basic showcase as part of this blog written by BioWare programmer Matt Komsthoeft, who did not describe the content of the image. As might be expected, pictured in the first screenshot are an assortment of Inquisition members, who are essentially super-Templars that have been reformed because it turns out the Dragon Age is gonna be full of all sorts of nasty. Who knew? The player character of the game will be known as the Inquisitor, a human of variable origin who leads a detachment of the elite Chantry-affiliated forces against the forces of evil. While the central character of this first screenshot has their back facing the camera, it’s likely that it is Cassandra Pentaghast, who spent all of Dragon Age II learning about and searching for the player character, Hawke.

There’s a lot of reasons to be excited about this game. For one, BioWare is spending a lot more time developing it, using a variation of the Frostbite engine to bring the visuals up to next-gen standard and keep things in place for a release sometime next year. Inquisition’s E3 trailer also revealed that the hugely popular character Morrigan, voiced by the eminent Claudia Black, will return and presumably have a significant role, especially if the Warden player character of the first game played into her schemes. While the story of the Warden character is said to be definitively over, and Hawke will at best be a side element, it would seem that most if not all of both heroes’ coterie of followers will make an appearance, with Varric Tethras (voiced by Brian Bloom) was among the familiar faces depicted in the trailer.

Most of all, the game world will be at least partly open world and significantly larger in scope and variance than the previous Thedas environs.

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