Battlefield 4 progression system outlined

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According to a blog post by DICE’s H. Brun, the progression system used in the Battlefield series will be getting some changes in the upcoming Battlefield 4.

The ranking system will be receiving only small changes. Players start at level 1, but attain higher levels based on their in game score. This ends when people hit the rank of ‘colonel’ at level 100.

While this ranking system may not necessarily be new, DICE is changing much about how players get the points and increase in rank. In Battlefield 4, points will be much easier to come across in some situations. Assists now give the same points as a kill would, giving equal credit to all players who took part in the kill. You also earn points for taking actions on an objective, such as capturing a point , even if you don’t succeed. According to the blog, this change in scoring will “allows [DICE] to influence all aspects of Battlefield 4 – from teamwork to playing the objective and the more strategic aspects of the game.”

DICE has also changed the way players unlock new weapons and attachments. The system of playing with different classes to unlock weapons is gone. Instead, whenever you play with a certain type of weapon, you will be working to unlock more attachments and weapons of the same type. To go along with this, DICE also introduced Battlepacks, random sets of unlocks that are awarded when you level up.

Finally, the Battlelog App will be helpful for players trying to reach certain milestones. Using this, players will be able to track up to three in game goals at once, seeing how close they have made it to each goal.

Battlefield 4 launches on October 29 on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and at the time of launch for Xbox One and PS4.

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